Tuesday, 8 May 2012

LIM and a surprise visitor!

Hi Folks ,                  !!!!!!Warning Picture heavy post!!!!!

If you are here to have a peek at my LIM card, welcome and feel free to wander off having checked it out! I wouldn't blame you LOL Just a few ramblings about goings on in my garden after that:0)
Lim this week is Yellow, well,  I have to say I've struggled, not my best week but I had a bash, you can tell because I made so many, don't worry only 2 here, none really passed muster ROFL Chrissie and Mandi have really challenged me this week!
Here we go

 Okay it's okay!!:{

 Yeah, again it's okay LOL I did really try folks LOL What you can't see, because of the awful light again, is that this is brown velvet paper, AAAHHHH well
I used
Stamps by Artemio, Picota Picoti, the funny one with loads of chickens, love it!!
The other stamp is by Kaisercraft, Charlotte's Dream, Pan Pastels for the yellow. Thanks for joining me, hugs Gay xxx

And onto my visitor

This is my garden, I had a visitor, it's very difficult to make it out but I've blown up the small portion I've highlighted.
 and here you can see a little better, I've blown it up quite a lot.

Can you make out what it is?
 Oh yes it's a very naughty Sparrow Hawk after my garden birds he is. He/she was so distracted he didn't notice me open the back door and start taking pictures and I had a bright red top on too.We've fed the birds up really nicely for him this year, oh dear :{ Such is life!!!!


Karin said...

Your cards are really beautiful, I love the first one!

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Naughty Sparrowhawk . . . but that's nature for you. He has to eat too!

Your garden looks LOVELY.

Your yellow cards are fine too. I particularly like the first one. xxx

Paula Whittaker said...

really like your LIM entry - nice stamp choice.

Julie Brooks said...

Hi Gay!
Firstly, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my LIM post - very much appreciated. Secondly, your cards are lovely, stop stressing! I particularly like the elegant lady in the first one. How on earth did you colour her dress so beautifully? Stunning!
Thirdly, a fellow nature lover - yippee! You did really well to get that photo of the naughty sparrow hawk! Hope he didn't manage to feast on any of your plump garden birds lol. See you soon. Julie xx

Suze Bain said...

Goodness Gay, you must have eyes like a hawk yourself to have spotted him! Your garden looks lovely but you have given away one of your secrets - tut, tut, you leave the pegs hanging on the line !! Hee Hee, ROFL! Luverly cards too - that's a gorgeous stamp in the first one. Have a lovely week. xx

Doreen said...

These are gorgeous,not just OK, the image on the first one is stunning....Oooh I love that gorgeous sparrow Hawk,magnificent.xxx

craftattack said...

Pretty cards, but they would be nicer without the yellow - not really my colour. Love the photos of your feathered friend, he looks hungry!! Valerie

Dotty Jo said...

Great cards Gay, quite different but both stunning and perfect for the challenge. We sometimes get a visit from a sparrow hawk and I really have to stop myself from shooing it away. Have a happy day, Jo x

Elaine said...

Love your first card - such an elegant stamp. And great photo of the sparrowhawk - fascinating watching the birds at this time of year!

kingstonmama said...

I really like your yellow cards, Gay, especially the first one. Love your garden pictures! Naughty sparrow hawk - although he is beautiful. We can only feed the birds half the year around here as we have the occasional bear. I've lost three feeders to them over the years, so now the birds only get fed in the winter when the bears are sleeping! :) ann Y.

Elaine said...

Hi Gay well how fab to have that stunning Sparrow Hawk in your garden wow.
Your cards are gorgeous, especially the top one I LOVE IT fabulous work Gay well done Hugs Elaine

Karen said...

Really love the first one Gay! Beautiful use of the colour and a fab image! Your photo of the hawk is stunning! Lovely bird but I do wish they didn't eat the other lovely little birds! hugs Karen x

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Beautiful LIM card, great with the yellow ink blended around the image. The 2nd is also wonderful with the black & yellow. And wow cool photo of the hawk !

Chrissie said...

It'a funny how some days things go really easily and at other times it's a trial... no-one would know you'd struggled from these fab cards... I love those chicken stamps too Gay!
That sparrow hawk has got a nerve coming into your garden,a few pairs of my drawers on the line would scare him off a treat!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Sasha said...

You shouldn't be so critical about your fab work, Gay? Both cards are really lovely. I especially like the image on your first card! Really super colouring, too.
My dear dad would have been in his element if a sparrow hawk had landed in his garden. He used to work with birds of prey...mainly kestrels. He also looked after birds of prey that had been injured x

Evil Edna said...

well it is a bird feeder! I think so beautiful but leave the blue tits alone! I really like the wistful stamped lady and the black and yellow is funky.EE

Netty said...

Yellow is the most difficult colour of any I know but you have done brilliantly. I particularly love the first one, mainly because I adore that stamp.
Great photos, I hope you gave that bird a piece of your mind Gay.....lol Annette x

Viv's Visuals said...

Tubby little birdies - just what hawkie ordered - your garden may just become his fave restaurant!
Love the cards Gay - partic liking the first one - a lot!!!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

I love the picture of your hawk, we had one recently too but did not manage a picture. Nature is a wonderful thing as are your cards, yellow is so difficult to work with but you pulled it off beautifully. Tracy x

Anne said...

Hi Gay an elusive visitor there! Lovely cards, I do like them both

Christine said...

Beautiful yellow cards! And the visitor... I think he like it there!

Stamps and Paper said...

Fab cards Gay and great pics of the sparrow hawk what a wonderful creature


Tracey said...

I love your cards, especially the first one.
Wow fancy being able to take a photograph of the Sparrow Hawk I hope he didnt get any of your birds. We too had a bird of pray in our garden last week but we dont know what it was. Tracey x

Lynn said...

Hello Gay - Your yellow cards are great, but if I have to have a preference I like the regency lady :-) How fortunate to be able to photograph the Sparrow Hawk - a wonderful sight. Have a good week. Lynn x

Annchen said...

the first one is so romantic

TAM said...

Two great cards Gay but think the first is my favorite.
Loving your garden visitor, although not the thought that he is after your other feathered friends - amazing you got such a great photo of him.

lisa said...

Love all your yellow, Gay, especially the first one.
What a lovely garden you have and such an unusual visitor too.
We have red kites here. Although I know they have their eyes on the birds I love seeing them, they are so stately in flight.
Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I really appreciate your visits.
Hugs Lisax

Valerie said...

Two lovely cards Gay, I particularly like the first one, great stamp! How exciting to see the hawk in your garden even if it was after the little birds :0) Your flowers are looking lovely!
Val x

Linda R said...

Hello my sweet friend. I LOVE your cards. They both look amazing to me. I think your being a little to hard on yourself.

But now on to that mean old bird.. How cool that you got a photo of him/her. Lets just hope you don't see him/her eating lunch later. YIKES..
I once saw a hawk pulling a sparrow apart right on our back wall. I tried to get a photo of it but it pick that sparrow up in its claw and flew away.. Maybe that was best! Lets just say there were feathers everywhere..


Cheryl said...

oh Hun,love both of these cards,but have to tell you that first one,is stunning Honest,hun love that stamp you have used,and the touch of yellow is just brilliant,great photo too hun, beautiful garden,you have hugs Cherylxxxxxx

Marrigje said...

Both your cards are great. The first one is very stylish, and elegant.
The second one is more bold. Totally different feel to it, but lovely aswell.

I love the pictures of your visitors.


Jenni's Jems said...

Lovely cards Gay love the first one best so serene ,and great photography the only birds we get living by the sea, are seagulls ! x

Pauline said...

These are both lovely Gay, I really like the image on the first card, so dreamy.

Viv said...

Two super cards again Gay, esp. love the first one. We have a similar bird comes into our garden too, they dart so swiftly when they strike I find argghhhh the poor birdies!:) Viv xx

Aileen said...

Two completely different cards but both pretty in their own rights. I like the dreamy look of the first and the graphic look of the second. x

Karen said...

You're far too hard on yourself Gay!!! Lovely cards, especially the first. Congrats on getting the photos of the sparrow hawk as they don't often stay long enough in one place to do this. We have our own local SH and it surprised my sister the other day by landing on the magnolia tree right in front of her - love looking at them but ........ my poor little birdies!

Lyn S said...

I'm not a big fan of yellow either, but I love your first card! It's a gorgeous image!

Susan said...

Gay, you've made two great cards this week, but I'm really drawn to the first one...what gorgeous inking! We don't have a problem with hawks, but the squirrels are driving us batty!

Samantha Elliott said...

Hee Hee I recognised the artemio flower straight away as thanks to Sandra I have that stamp set! Love those chickens.
I do love the sparrow hawk but I have another visitor keeps coming round. Mr F and he is after my chooks! Nature is beautiful and ugly at the same time sometimes!

Jules said...

Hi Gay

Two great yellow makes. Both so very different to each other but both beautiful!

I have never seen a Sparrow Hawk .. .. but we do have lots of Sparrows which are apparently becoming quite sparse in our area at the moment!

Love Jules xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gay, two gorgeous cards - I love the first one.

I've never seen a sparrow hawk before and wouldn't like to see one in my garden that's for sure!

Mandi said...

Both stunning
Lovely pics too
Thank you very much
"Less is More"

Lisa Arana said...

lovely cards gay and what an array of birds! what fun.

Faith A said...

Brilliant cards, love the images.

As for your birdie, must love your beautiful garden, perhaps he just wanted to join in and be friends :) We were lucky yesterday and today to have a Woodpecker take food from our bird table, I have never seen one before.

Gez said...

Beautiful cards Gay. I love your CAS style.

Wow! I hope your visitor left hungry!