Sunday 13 February 2011

Birthday card for a lovely Grand daughter.

10 is a hard age to cater for, (that is when you're still suffering from jet lag a week after your return:{) Not too cute, still feminine and not really into fairies at the moment, I was struggling:0) It didn't really hit the mark 'cos I feel it was too old for her but I tried and she was very gracious, bless her! I do know she loves butterflies. Useless Nan:{

 Luckily Mum (her mum, not mine, sorry for confusion) had come up trumps with the birthday cake, what a smasher, Pink and black WOWzers!!
Stuff I used:0)

Spellbinders dies
Tim Holtz flourish die
DCWV Mariposa

Saturday 12 February 2011

An Award, How lovely:0)

Look what was waiting for me tonight when I got back home from my grand daughters 10th birthday party
It's from the wonderful, Dotty Jo of Pudding Place fame! Thank you Jo!
I'm so pleased that she thought of me but I have certain duties to fulfill to qualify for this award

The rules of this award are as follows:
1. You must accept it, write a post about it and display it.
2. Pass it to 3 - 5 fab blogs and tell them that they have been given the Love Blog Award.
3. Link back to the person who passed it to you.
The aim of this award is to showcase great but not well known blogs, so don't tag anyone with 3,000 + followers.

Here is my list of blog stars, so difficult to choose, I visit some really brilliant blogs. I don't want to make anyone feel they have to participate but I would like them to know they are appreciated!
A new leaf   By Monique
My Happy Place by Linda 
Crafty Effusions by Esther
All great blogs and each one well worth a visit!

Thank you again Jo :0)

Friday 11 February 2011

Good to be back!

Hi, hope that all's well in your world today?
Myself, just back from 3 weeks in Sri Lanka, am still under the influence of jet lag. Either that or I'm more stupid than ever!
We were worried that the holiday would not actually happen because of the dreadful floods just before we left but Sri Lankans are a pretty resilient lot and there were few signs of the devastation where we went. A landslide in Kandy on the other side of the hill to our guesthouse doesn't count I've been told! After all it was open and it certainly didn't bother the Monkeys as they trawled over the roof at 6am.
Nice touch on leaving a great hotel!
We had  a totally 'wonderful/interesting' holiday, staying in 7 different places with accommodation ranging from 5star hotels to little guest houses. 
Mr Mustavcoffee is a traveller, Mrs Mustavcoffee is a tourist, there is a subtle difference. I know I sound spoiled and maybe I am but at the end of a day's travelling in very hot weather and sometimes challenging circumstances, I just need a hot shower! and a nice bed, good food is a bonus! Safe food is essential! I'd rather the mosquito's were kept at bay if at all possible, I did everything they tell you but got eaten alive:{ Talking about this to one inn owner his retort was 'ah! sweet blood' as if that would make me feel better!
I had one magical night when sitting in bed at 2am trying not to scratch the insanely tickly bites I realised that there were two fireflies in the bed under the mosquito net with us, yay, gorgeous! but hang on, if they can get in (not small insects) so can any other insect who wants to drink your blood! Arrrg!
Sigiriya rock

Sri Lanka is a fabulous place the people are warm, welcoming and by and large happy, certainly we got a lot of smiles. I love curry and Sri Lankan curries are delicious, beer is probably the best drink and I drank loads of it (3lbs gained Oh! Dear).
Sigiriya Rock, we climbed in the heat of the day up a spiral staircase that didn't feel very safe:{ but it was well worth it!

  Well, Wow what a view!
The soaring, flat-topped mesa upon which Prince Kasyapa built this acclaimed fifth-century compound, has been called the Eighth Wonder of the World for its engineering and utter audacity. 

Tropical storm at the beach, fabulous!!! You've seen sunny, gorgeous beaches, we had those too:0)

I'm a very lucky lady and have to come back down to earth now, lots of wedding cards to make. 

If you lasted this long pat yourself on the back and thank you for joining me.

These little guys are everywhere, chipmunks, never seen them in the wild before, noisy little devils too!

 Quite a few monitor lizards as well, this one had beautiful markings on his back.

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Home, sweet home!

 Hey crafty people, got home from some lovely travels but soo tired, just like this little kitty
 Check out this great MSN video: Tired Cat Passes Out
 I'll get back soon and catch up with all those gorgeous blogs and wonderful creations. TTFN