Monday 30 August 2010

Simplicity One Layer Wednesday17

Hi there, 
Susan over at Simplicity has challenged us to use a border stamp this week, I really enjoy her challenges they never fail to make me think :}
Rules for OLW17
1. A one-layer card is defined as a single piece of cardstock folded in half.

2. Use a border stamp (or, if you don't have a border stamp, either create one by repeating a small stamp or consider this an excuse to go buy one!) Remember to keep embellishments to a minimum.

The border stamp is Basic Grey and the sentiment from Hobby Art.

Hope everyone is enjoying some sunshine? Wherever you are,  have a lovely day:D xx

Sunday 29 August 2010

Altering???Meet the Little Devil!

Happy Sunday to You,
 I have to admit to being a little perplexed this evening, this piece has vexed me for about 3days, and this is as far as I've got with it. Having approached it with no experience of working on wood I was in blissful ignorance but I have learned by my mistakes. The Little Devil (as it has now been named) has been altered to within an inch of it's existence, I have felt like throwing it in the bin and at the wall, I managed to restrain myself.

 It never occurred to me before but when you alter wooden objects you are using many different paints and inks to make it permanent, of course that means you can't easily remedy mistakes:{ My added restriction was that, as it was the inside of the object, it had to be flat so that it would close. Of course that means no covering up mistakes either:{
I think I jumped in at the deep end here and it was a learning curve!!

 I must say I've enjoyed this new experience but the front will have to wait, I need a rest from all the tension:) I'm going to put the Little Devil away for a while  and hopefully come across it later!
Hope you have a good week :D

Stamps used;
Stampotique Daniel Torrente and Jill Penny, Relaxin'
Cherry Pie    Background and Rule of three and Face in distance.
American Art stamp By Karen Stolper
Tim Holtz  Rock star

 Paints used, Claudine Helmuth Gesso, Eco Green Crafts, Acrylic.

Saturday 28 August 2010

Happy Surprise!

Greetings Crafty People, here at coffee headquarters the bunting is out and I've returned to a wonderful surprise!
 That lovely lady Fleur has awarded me a beautiful blogger award, Yay!! Thank you so much Fleur. Whilst we are talking about Fleur, I should mention her new post, congrats my dear, a new position as DT member for An Oldie but a GoodieWell deserved and the best of luck, hope you have lots of fun, can't wait to see what you design, and here is my award,

To qualify I need to tell you 7 facts about myself
Pass it onto 7 bloggers
Ok off we go .............

  •  1) When my son was about 8yrs old, we went into the town to get some medicine for him I parked the car and went off to the Chemist. (I didn't leave my son in the car) When we came back, search as I might, I couldn't find the car, I began to panic after about 10mins searching. So I telephoned the police, it must have been stolen, I was told to go sit in the car park and they would come out. Whilst we were waiting I suddenly remembered where  the car the High St, OMG What does a girl do? Well this fit young man arrives in disguise, carpenters tools dripping from his waist, shows me his warrant card and asks me all about it whereupon I duly, profusely apologise and explain. He was marvellous about it but I've never been so embarrassed in my whole life. My only excuse was that I'd been up all night holding my son's head as he was ill:{
  • 2) I hate the dentist, dreadful experience as a child!
  • 3) I love coffee ( just in case you wondered)
  • 4) I was born in Egypt, which sounds quite exotic but it's just that Dad was in the R.A.F.

  • 5) Also when my son was a bit older, we had got some diamond doves for him, these are pretty little, blueish doves that hoot a bit like our doves only softer (actually if I'm honest, it drives you crazy!) and we were told to give them the opportunity to bathe. I took them out side in the cage and tried to get the small bath under the cage, well you can guess what happened can't you?
Yes, one escaped and he's never forgiven me, I was mortified but what can you do?
  • 6) The size of my rubber stamp collection is an embarrassment to me (can't help it I have an obsession), I'm sure you understand?
(This is turning into 7 confessions, he he he!)
  • 7) I think I'm one of the luckiest people in the whole wide world, it's true!!!!!
Now I would like to pass this award onto 7 wonderful bloggers
These lovely Bloggers have welcomed, inspired and encouraged me since I started blogging and they have made it a really great experience, so Thank you all, Big Hugs xxx
p.s, If I'm honest I could have given this award to many more than 7 people, my experience in this corner of the blogging world has been wonderful, so Thank you all my blogging buddies! it was really hard to just choose 7:D xx

Friday 20 August 2010

Off Off and away!

Hi everyone, 
I'm sitting here feeling really guilty, I'm sorry I didn't manage to get to many desks(only 50 or so):{ and on top of that we're heading off for a long weekend to Norfolk, the Broads. So there's no chance I'll be able to catch up at the weekend:{ 
There seems to be a bit of a theme developing here, Hubby  wants to be on the water Uh? What's that all about? ..................Oh well it'll be fun?

Not much creating done and lots of......... be prepared for it,  that dreaded word....... begins with h............ oh! yes housework,,,euwww sorry. Have a fun weekend and I'll catch up soon, hopefully there will be lots of little crafty shops and stalls to rummage around in, some embellishments for my new projects perhaps:D

This pic is  a C.A.S card for  a lovely young Lady who is appearing in a London theatre on stage on Sunday, wishing her the very best of luck, Break a leg Elizabeth :D xxx

p.s. any good crafty shops near Horning? anyone?

Wednesday 18 August 2010


 Good Morning everyone,
Well I've taken the plunge, bared my soul and shared my work desk, eek, it's not tidy........ again!!
Now........ I'm a first timer so go gently with me!! 

There is a reason it's not tidy, I blame the Craft Barn, nothing to do with me, if they hadn't encouraged me I wouldn't have had any stuff to play with!! I was sitting and having a good old think last night and I realised that I'd lost some of my joy in creating and was  spending too much time blogging, I needed inspiration. So I took myself off to the Craft Barn and found all these inexpensive, yummy things to alter. As you can see it's very much a work in progress!
So here you find me,  deep in Claudine Hellmuths Gesso, and happy as a sandboy:D
If you are wondering what WOWW is  all about,  pop over to Julia Dunnit's Web page. and all will be revealed:D
Having been a lurker I feel liberated now, joining in and coming clean.
Note to self, must tidy up.......mmmm... maybe later:)

P.s Have bought, Key tidy, A big letter G, first letter of my name, a thermometer house thingy and 3 small and one square canvas, plus( I really did get carried away) I got a ceramic serviette holder but I'm getting a feeling I would like to make most of them as gifts. Now I've a dilemma , do I alter them for me, my taste or do I try and please the person who is the intended recipient (I love that phrase) what do you think?

Saturday 14 August 2010


Hi there all,
Hope every thing's hunky dory in your part of the world?
I'm a recovering Nan, 4 days of looking after my gorgeous girlies and I'm shadow of my former self................................ but I will recover:)

  1. A one-layer card is defined as a single piece of cardstock folded in half.
  2. Your card must use color in an unexpected way. Remember to keep embellishments to a minimum.

I found this one a big challenge, first I couldn't decide which stamp to use, then colour became a real issue. If the stamp was good the colour wasn't and vice versa, ooh err!!

When I finally decided it all came together quite quickly, I think it was Friday 13th, that's the problem, even the Happy Christmas is wonky! 
I've used clear embossing on the VersaColor multi coloured ink pad, this one's called lollipop, like that name!
The stamp is by Elusive images
Then, when I got up this morning, I decided to go for a different image altogether and made this.................>
Of course, I can see it now, this just isn't C.A.S , she giggled:) I think it was a reaction from all that restraint!!!!

I have used a much loved Santa collage from Rubber Stampede,  Non-Sequitor reindeer stamp and I can't find either of them where I bought them. So I fear they are unavailable, sorry:{
I have found the Penny Black sentiment here
Have a wonderful weekend:)

Thursday 5 August 2010

Whole day card:}

Yes! I am ashamed to admit it, I took all day to make this card.....hangs her head in shame:{
I didn't mean to I just got carried away:)

I fell in love with the Hero Arts stamp and was already deep in with the Basic grey Kioshi papers
 and I had this birthday card to make, the rest is history, Sh! don't tell anyone, so's the housework,:)

Have a lovely day everyone:)

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Under the water under the sea, catching fishes for my tea!!!

Hello from coffee headquarters,
Hope I find you all well today? Jolly well hope so:D
Today I have finished a card started a few weeks ago when I received this Tilda stamp, I stamped, coloured and layered her and then..........................couldn't decide what to do with her, amazing! I had really wanted this stamp and there she sat all finished and dying to be arranged but I've put that right with the help of Crafty Individuals new book 6 'The Seaside'

As soon as I saw it I knew it was going to be a big inspiration. I have used the front cover behind on the card base because I hate to waste anything:)

The greeting stamp is from Stampin Up, their Very Punny set, which I purchased on eBay as a retired used set. I've used Diamond Glaze over  Twinkling H20's, I've always loved the way it glistens underneath, neat:)

Just would like to add, I have received some great comments and I would like to Thank you all
It's so nice to get positive feedback from people who share my addiction :) 

p.s. I have acquired a new nickname from OH, guess what it is?

BLOG HEAD, he! he! he!

Sunday 1 August 2010

Penny Black Saturday challenge

Happy Sunday Everybody, 
This week at P B Saturday Challenge it's a recipe;
               READY STEADY COOK
and the ingredients you will need are
1 Circle....2 Papers and 3 Flowers
so let's see what feast you can cook up!

I 've had a bash at vintage and girly  for this challenge. Ted seems to be in love so that's where this is coming from. I may have to get some more Penny Black stamps if I enter any more of these challenges , I know, any excuse:D

 I have tried hard to get my flowers as delicate as Kim's I just love her flowers and  her beautiful cards! Click on her name and you can see what I mean:)
I have used PB Looking at you,
Papers from Basic Grey, Cappella,
Sentiment stamp from Brenda Walton, for Inkadinkadoo.
I've used more circles and one more paper so I hope I still qualify:{