Saturday 28 August 2010

Happy Surprise!

Greetings Crafty People, here at coffee headquarters the bunting is out and I've returned to a wonderful surprise!
 That lovely lady Fleur has awarded me a beautiful blogger award, Yay!! Thank you so much Fleur. Whilst we are talking about Fleur, I should mention her new post, congrats my dear, a new position as DT member for An Oldie but a GoodieWell deserved and the best of luck, hope you have lots of fun, can't wait to see what you design, and here is my award,

To qualify I need to tell you 7 facts about myself
Pass it onto 7 bloggers
Ok off we go .............

  •  1) When my son was about 8yrs old, we went into the town to get some medicine for him I parked the car and went off to the Chemist. (I didn't leave my son in the car) When we came back, search as I might, I couldn't find the car, I began to panic after about 10mins searching. So I telephoned the police, it must have been stolen, I was told to go sit in the car park and they would come out. Whilst we were waiting I suddenly remembered where  the car the High St, OMG What does a girl do? Well this fit young man arrives in disguise, carpenters tools dripping from his waist, shows me his warrant card and asks me all about it whereupon I duly, profusely apologise and explain. He was marvellous about it but I've never been so embarrassed in my whole life. My only excuse was that I'd been up all night holding my son's head as he was ill:{
  • 2) I hate the dentist, dreadful experience as a child!
  • 3) I love coffee ( just in case you wondered)
  • 4) I was born in Egypt, which sounds quite exotic but it's just that Dad was in the R.A.F.

  • 5) Also when my son was a bit older, we had got some diamond doves for him, these are pretty little, blueish doves that hoot a bit like our doves only softer (actually if I'm honest, it drives you crazy!) and we were told to give them the opportunity to bathe. I took them out side in the cage and tried to get the small bath under the cage, well you can guess what happened can't you?
Yes, one escaped and he's never forgiven me, I was mortified but what can you do?
  • 6) The size of my rubber stamp collection is an embarrassment to me (can't help it I have an obsession), I'm sure you understand?
(This is turning into 7 confessions, he he he!)
  • 7) I think I'm one of the luckiest people in the whole wide world, it's true!!!!!
Now I would like to pass this award onto 7 wonderful bloggers
These lovely Bloggers have welcomed, inspired and encouraged me since I started blogging and they have made it a really great experience, so Thank you all, Big Hugs xxx
p.s, If I'm honest I could have given this award to many more than 7 people, my experience in this corner of the blogging world has been wonderful, so Thank you all my blogging buddies! it was really hard to just choose 7:D xx


Cath Wilson said...

Aw, thank you SO much for the award. I'll get back to you about it but I'm thrilled that you thought of me - thank you.

Lovely to read those facts about you. I can just imagine your embarrassment when you thought you'd lost your son and the car - oops!! And the dove - you cruel woman!! I LOVE coffee, too - but I have to have the decaff kind now cos I drank so much I was hyper all the time and wondered why I wasn't sleeping.

Don't be embarrassed by the size of your stamp collection - that's something to be proud of, he, he - I am, anyway.

Finally, Congratulations on winning the award - much deserved. You're a love and talented with it.

Susan Raihala said...

Thank you so much! What an honor to be included with these amazing women! You started my weekend off just right!

Emily Leiphart said...

What a lovely surprise! I'm honoured and so happy to have been given this award. Thank you so much!! It will certainly be fun for me to post seven facts about myself and pass this beautiful award on to seven other blogland friends. I hope you have a most wonderful weekend!

joanne wardle said...

thank you so much! it's so kind of you, and right back atcha! your blog is beautiful too!

chris said...

your 7 facts made me titter, pleased your back.
hugs chris xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Maureen, I am loving your confessions hehe. brilliant and congrats on the award. thanks so much for your kind and supporting words on my blog and yep ... i love Audrey Hepburn she had style in buckets !!
Hugs June xxx

Kay Carley said...

Oh how lovely!! Thanks so much for thinking of me!! Oh dear.....................the pressure is now on for me to think of 7 things to say!! xx

Carolynne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your tip about matting and layering I am cetainly going to give it a go.