Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tearing for LIM

Hello everybody,
Welcome, lovely to see you, pull up a chair if you have a minute, grab your favourite tipple and let's have a chin wag! Gosh that's an old saying one from my childhood, I'm reminiscing a lot today :0)

Today I made a card for LIM where Chrissie and Mandi the lovely divas in residence have challenged us to create a card with some tearing on it!

My tearing has been done on the piece of Glassine that's behind the clock, That piece of glassine is really precious, my father made it! More details further down the page if you're interested. I embossed it and tore it then layered it over the stamped image. From a piece of gold holographic card I cut out a Tim Holtz die, the clock. Another TH stamp for the clock face!My sentiment is from Whimsy stamps
Thanks for dropping in, Gay xxx

My Dad's Glassine
Dad has been gone for many years now but he worked as a Calender Man in a papermill, a job that required quite some skill in handling the great rolls of paper as they moved up or down the massive rollers to dry or be treated in some way. He would often check the paper's progress with his hands and he had almost smooth as glass but rock hard callouses on them. He told me that Glassine was the finest paper that they made and he brought some home just to show me, now that must have been about 35 or more years ago so it's very precious to me!

I was surprised when a certain Mr Holtz started a line of Glassine products but his is dyed brown and opaque as you can see my Dad's was translucent and as fine as the best vellum :0) I think this was quite an achievement because I remember him telling me all about it and he didn't often talk about his work at all. Shift work, often 12hour shifts made him grumpy at times and I can remember having to play quietly so that he could sleep during the day, with three young girls, my sisters and I probably made his getting and staying asleep really hard.

He didn't make the glassine alone, it was just one of the products the mill produced but he seemed really proud of that one! I do have a whole pack of it and you would think that after all those years it would have yellowed but no it's still white. I hesitated to use it but what good is it stuck in the cupboard? No I think  he would have wanted it used :0)


Stamps and Paper said...

Morning Gay....what a lovely cards particularly like the first one. Thank you for sharing the story of the glassine paper with especially as your dad made it I am sure he would have loved your cards


Klara said...

Your card is georges.... and precious. I like the motiv and how you did it. This goldy clock makes the card very three-dimensional.
I find your dad's story very touching.

debby4000 said...

What a beautiful story behind your card and its a stunner.

craftattack said...

Lovely card, and i loved reading about your dad's glassine paper, these are wonderful memories for you! Valerie

Karen said...

Beautiful card Gay and what a fabulous story about the glassine, I'm pretty sure your Dad would have wanted you to use it.

Karen x

Suzi B said...

Morning Gay, I enjoyed reading the lovely story about your da. He would have been thrilled to see the gorgeous result you've achieved with the much loved glassine.
suzi b xx

Gio said...

Can you immagine your father telling just right now from above : SHE, my very own daughter, is using a piece of my glassine! :-)

Love your remember and your card too.

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Love your tale about the glassine paper Gay. I bet your Dad would have thought this was a good use of his special paper because it certainly is a special card.

I showed it my husband, and he LOVED it. I then took him on a tour of your blog and he's very impressed with your work (who wouldn't be?).

Sarn xxx

Karin said...

wow it looks great, yesterday i visited the dutch open air museum and we saw a demonstration of papermaking in a papermill!! Have a nice day!

Carol Q said...

A lovely creation Gay but I was fascinated by your dad story about your dad.

Margie said...

Oh, Gay, what a lovely story about your Dad and I can understand how it makes you feel using his gorgeous paper. Your card is beautiful and does him proud.

Doreen said...

This is just gorgeous,love the

paulaexuk said...

Lovely card and what a great tale you have to tell about your father. I am surprised that you want to part with that piece of Glassine. I love the see through quality that it has given your card, LEM for sure.

Valerie said...

Hi Gay loved your card, such an antique feel to it. I love your story about your Dad, how wonderful to have something that he made that you can use so creatively:) What a fabulous scrap book page that would make with the story, a photo and the embossed glassine. OMG got a bit carried away with your chin wag!
Val x

Sasha said...

Such a lovely story about your dear dad, Gay. Lovely memories.
Sadly, the days of the real craftsman have now gone, and glassine is now most likely mass produced by a computerised machine somewhere in China.
Your dad would have loved your fabulous creation with his glassine, Gay. Such a lovely card. I love your alarm clock x

craftimamma said...

Hi Gay, sorry I've not dropped in for a little while (family matters getting in the way, lol). Thank you for sharing the lovely story of your Dad and the paper mill. I have to say that glassine is beautiful and I can understand why you hesitate to use it but I am sure you are right and your Dad would prefer it on your beautiful creations rather than stuck in a cupboard. From the lovely sentiment you can make sure this goes to someone very special.

Lesley Xx

Dotty Jo said...

Great card Gay and what a nice story about your Dad. I thought glassine was a new thing so thats really interesting to find out that its been around for a while, Jo x

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Stunning card Gay ! So elegant and I just love the texture with the glassine paper (thx for the story) and the clock. Awesome work my crafty friend ! Shirleyx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely story Gay and what a fabulous, creative card! I think your Dad would be very happy to see what you've made with is paper. Wonderful!

Netty said...

Great card Gay and your father's glassine paper is far superior to the T Holtz which goes by the same name. x

Craftilicious said...

Oh Gay what a wonderful thing to have your Dad's paper to play with. It does look like wonderful quality glassine - you're right to use and treasure it at the same time. You created a stunning card with your prescious paper shining in the centre.
My granddad was a little mester and the ultra-thin fish slice he made for my nannan is one of my treasured possessions

Linda R said...

You have me smiling this afternoon. "let's have a chin wag".. You crack me up. I'm going to start using that line. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your card. How cool that you got to use a piece of your Dads Glassine. I love reading the history behind it.. Thanks so much for sharing it with us my sweet friend..


Rosemary said...

wow... this is one seriously amazing card, gay!! love the clock!!

Darnell J Knauss said...

I agree that your dad would have loved that you used his paper, Gay. And the card itself is really stunning! Thanks for sharing the memory and thanks for coming by to visit me earlier! I'm running late from having too much fun offsite! Darnell #136

Mandi said...

Your card is amazing Gay. What precious paper
Can see why you treasure it
Thanks very much

Sue said...

A beautiful creation with the clock and glassine paper.
Thank you for the lovely story about you dad. I can understand how the glasine piece means so much to you. Is this where your love of paper crafts comes from? :)
I guess it must be.
I hope you make some more glassine artwork.

Valerie said...

Hi Gay love the antique feel to this fab design. What a lovely story, so interesting and would make a wonderful scrap book LO in memory of your dad:)
Val x

Viv said...

Another great card again Gay & how nice that you used your dad's glassine paper too.Can understand how special it must be to you.....but good you used some of it though :) Viv xx

Aileen said...

Hi Gay, what a wonderful story and fitting you've made a masculine card I'm sure your Dad would have loved. x

Samantha Elliott said...

Aw! Your story made my eyes wet! Love that card and I am sure your Dad does too! It is my Dad's birthday today so that is my excuse for the moist eyes!

Chrissie said...

Many apologies for the tardiness of my visit this week Gay, a cruise to Norway intervened somewhat!
Thanks for your lovely submission and informative post about Glassine!
"Less is More"

Valerie said...

Hi Gay what a fabulous story and your card is wonderful! Love the antique feel to it and kept thinking what an amazing scrapbook LO it would make with the provenance:) This is the third time I've tried to comment , twice on my tablet and now I'm on my laptop and hope it is more successful! Did you think I was ignoring you:)) Hope you have a good weekend
Val x

Anonymous said...

Gay what a lovely story and how much more precious for you to make this amazing card incorporating this little treasure just makes it even more special. Love the clock how did you colour it was it gilding flakes its fabulous.


hazel said...

A beautiful card Gay and so precious and a lovely story too.
xxx Hazel.

Shirley said...

The card is gorgeous and your Glassine story is wonderful and dear! TFS

Gery said...

Love the way you talk about your dad Gay.
You are so proud of him and probably he would be proud of you too, if only he could see your work and see what a beautiful creation you made with HIS paper.
It filled my heart with joy to read your story.
Silly? Oh, no, your love for him came right through my IPad screen!! Cherish the good memories.
Sleep tight, Gery.