Monday 17 September 2012

AAArrrggghhh, no phone and no internet again!!!!!!

Hi there crafty friends:0) Sorry I've not been around, my services were definitely lacking this weekend:{ No phone from Thursday and no internet from Sunday morning. But now I'm back up and running again, good old Open Reach they sorted us out. I will be around to see you soon, in the meantime have you 'liked' the Craft Barn yet:0)
There is candy if you do .....................................................ta dah!!!

Click Here to go to the post on Facebook, Good luck :0) Gay x


Valerie-Jael said...

Not nice being without internet & phone! Glad it is repaired! Valerie

Netty said...

Lets hope they have finally sorted it out Gay, fingers crossed for you. xx

Suzi B said...

Hope all the gremlins are sorted!
suzi b x

Jules said...

Hi Gay

Nothing worse than when all the amazing technology around us decides to stop working!!

I hope you get sorted soon (then your blood pressure can reduce).

Love Jules xx

Anne said...

Oh I know how you feel....9 weeks when ours went down and the supplier just would not believe that it was their box which was at fault! I feel for you! Not on Facebook but give CB a tick for me anyway! I have a real soft spot for the CB as it was my favourite haunt when I started stamping! love to you and yours, stay calm and carry on!!!!!

Unknown said...

I can just image how much I would get done around the house if my internet went down. Hummmm..

Good to see you back up and running.