Thursday, 4 April 2013

Scallops at LIM and a rotten visitor for me!

Hello everyone,
This week I have been missing sorry, I'll explain later but hope you'll forgive me!
For now.... over at Less is More. Chrissie and Jen have asked us to use scallops. The guest designer is Lizy Congratulations, well deserved Lizy!!!
Here are my cards
Sunshine for this photo, sadly only this one, we had snow and clouds all day today brrrrrrr
This was my first attempt at scallops and not very CAS so I went on to make, this..........................

 again a lot of detail but hopefully it fits the bill. I used a Martha Stewart punch as a mask and inked through it with Picked Raspberry distress, die cut a circle and had a little strip left over perhaps for another card later.

The background is Tim Holtz Photographic Studio stamp.

Okay on to explain my lack of commenting and absence, Easter weekend :0) Family visiting here was  wonderful but busy and no time to get commenting I'm afraid. Then yesterday when I was ready to start I just popped out with hubby for a couple of hours and returned to find that our home had been broken into:{ Oh! dear! what a mess, my jewellery stolen, my IPad and Kindle ( my Christmas pressies one this year and the other last year) gone!!
The rotten devil had taken my stuff and left my husband's untouched, I guess he couldn't carry anymore in the plastic bag he stole to carry all my stuff away in :{
Yesterday was a blur of Police visits, Crime Scene Officers and insurance calls and today has been calls from Victim Support, Locksmiths and more Police stuff :{ The support has been really great, I hope they get whoever it was but I doubt they will.

Thank you so much for commenting on my last post it really is a great encouragement and I do appreciate every single one, hugs Gay x

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Anonymous said...

Gay oh no how awful for you I'm so sorry I do sincerely hope they catch the buggers !!! On a brighter note i love your cards especially number 2 using the punch as a mask how clever and so very effective.
Sending big hugs your way

shirley-bee said...

Oh Gay, It's horrible being burgled, I know how you feel. There's an app called find my iPhone which works for iPad, you can log in from any computer to locate any registered iPad etc (when you get your replacement).

Love the cards (the first one is my fave). I like the masking, very effective, and fab colour scheme.

sally said...

Love the cards, second in particular. So sorry to hear about your break-in, it's so horrible to come home to all that, I hope they catch those responsible.


Karin said...

I hope they catch the thief!
And your cards are gorgeous, as always!

Ardyth said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. What a terrible thing to have happen. And such a pain to have to deal with all the aftermath, with (unfortunately) very little hope of getting your stuff back. On a nicer topic, your cards are gorgeous - I love the one with all the 'levels' of masking - it's really a stunning effect! And I think those are frames behind - what a clever way to use them. It's collagey, but CAS at the same time - great balance!

Jenny said...

Oh no Gay how awful :0( I really hope they do catch the scoundrel ... They really don't know the level of trauma they cause :0(
Two beautiful cards, love the idea of using a punched border for a mask, the detail and colour gradiant is so pretty :0)
Hugs to you
Jenny x

Doreen said...

Oh No Gay...I am so sorry to hear of your break in...I do know how you feel, we were broken into 4 days before christmas and I know how devasted you must be feeling.... whenever we go out I still wonder what we will be walking into. I hope they catch whoever did this to

Tara Cardwell said...

So sorry to hear about your break in - hope they catch the little git! your cards are both stunning!! Tara x


OMGoodness Gay - what a tremendous shock it must have been. I do hope the culprit is caught, and your belongings returned.

As for your cards - I love them both - the first one is elegance personified, and the shaded inking on the second one is fab - what a great idea to use the punch as a mask.

Big {{{hugs}}}, Sylvia xxx

Sasha said...

I am so sorry this has happened to you, Gay. I know exactly how you will be feeling. It's not just the that your possessions have gone, it's that horrible feeling that they have violated your home. It happened to us in our first home, twice! These people have no scruples whatsoever. I am pleased to hear that you are getting some support, and I do hope they catch the perpitrator. They eventually caught up with one of the theives who burgled our home, he was caught breaking in to another property and admitted his other offences. Sending you cyber hugs xx

On a brighter note...all your cards are fab, as always! But I really love your second one as dimensional cards are my favourite xx

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Oh dear Gay, that is so awful to have your home broken into and your belongings stolen. I hope all is resolved soon and the shock goes away.

On a happy note, your cards are so beautiful, love them both. Fantastic idea to use punches as stencils. In fact, a friend & I were just discussing the idea of trying that today and here you are with these wonderful designs.

Take good care, Shirleyxx

Di said...

Oh Gay, so sorry to hear that. Have been through similar - and it's a gut wrenching feeling. Time helps you to get over the feeling of violation and I doubt if it did the nasty little thieves much good - I do believe that they get their comeuppance in one form or another.

Love your cards - the use of the punched border as a template is gorgeous!

Chin up, the insurance should soon be settled and then you can move on.

Hugs, Di xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh Gay so feeling for you in it all!!!

.. we had it happen when we went away for hols and came home to find it all ...

.. they used a suitcase and filled it up and took jewelry that was really precious too, a piece of my great grandmother's, not really highly valuable and some of mine again mostly sentimental..

... so feel like you have be laid open for the world to stare at when your space has been invaded like that!!!
.. we upped out security since then but thing which sticks always.

Are so much more security conscious about where we leave things now.

I love both cards - great idea the masking the punch well done!

.. take care and pray you do get some back it does happen sometimes, Shaz in oz.x

Stamps and Paper said...

Gay so sorry to hear what has happened to,you I can't imagine how it must feel...lets hope they catch the scumbags and maybe get some if your things back...
Your scallop cards are fabulous


debby4000 said...

How awful Gay to come home and find your favourite gifts taken from you, hope they get the blighters.
love your cards and your take on the challenge.

Valerie-Jael said...

Pretty card, but sorry to hear about the burglary, I know how awful that is! Valerie

Sarn said...

Now that really is ROTTEN luck Gay. I am alternating between feeling sorry for you and simmering anger for the pest (polite word!) that broke in and took your stuff.

Hope you get it all sorted out soon insurance wise, and I hope the Police find the culprit.

Wishing peace and harmony return to you A.S.A.P.

Meantime . . . sending hugs . . . xxxx

Viv said...

Oh nooooo Gay how terrible for you!!! can only imagine how you feel. OH worked in crime prevention so he is paranoid about security, did you get crime prevention advice ? 4 lever locks,etc.When you replace stuff don't leave empty boxes in the bin, can be a give away you have new stuff.On a lighter note, I love your beautiful cards, amazing as ever and loving the pink of course too! hugs (((( )))):) Viv xx

Dotty Jo said...

What a horrible thing to happen, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Its never the monetary value when things are stolen, but what those items meant to you. Sending big hus your way, Jo x PS Your cards are fabulous as always.

Jen Nelson said...

Fab cards gay and i'm so sorry to hear about your break in

Thanks for joining us this week
"Less Is More"

Zue said...

Oh no, that is so horrible. It almost happened to me once, but we arrived home just in time. I can understand the violation you must be feeling.
I am so sorry,Gay!

On a happier note your LIM artwork is wonderful.
I almost joined in this week with my scalloped waves!

Stay busy and keep all your doors locked!

Anonymous said...

Oh,Gay, I am so very sorry to hear this!! It happened to me a long time ago when the children were little and I've never forgotten how horrible it was.

As always, your cards are beautiful and have that extra 'something'.

Chrissie said...

Gay, it was the most awful news... to be burgled and your lovely sentimental pieces of jewellery stolen must have been dreadful.
I'm SO sorry!
Your cards are as wonderful as ever, so innovative and original!
I hope you find a way to get to Ally Pally again, it's such a dreadful journey for us on this side of the Thames!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Darnell said...

I'm horrified, Gay. I have never experienced this, but know from friends that they feel violated themselves after they've been robbed. I admire your spirit for letting your mojo take you away for a bit and your creations are wonderful!

And more snow, to boot? Geesh, you must be setting all sorts of records by now ...

Keep on crafting, my friend. You are a true inspiration in more ways than one. I DO believe what comes around goes around and I hope that gives you some tiny comfort.

And that they catch the bastards.

Patricia said...

Oh! Gay! how horrible, I am so sorry ti hear this.
Never had this but my Niece did, from that I remember the horror she went through. Loosing all your sentimental pieces, and belongings.

Your cards are beautiful, you are so inspirational, love them, the colours are great.

Keep busy (((((hugs)))))

Patricia xx

Scrapmate said...

Sorry to hear this. I can understand how angry and also violated you feel. Don't let these miserable specimens of people get you down.

Canonbury creations said...

Gorgeous cards Gay, love the idea of inking through the punch, genius! So sorry to hear about your burglary, utter violation, these people are despicable! I know things can be replaced but it's not the same.
You haven't mentioned Ally Pally at all so I'm assuming you aren't coming which is a shame as I absolutely loved meeting you last year:) Hope you are ok and that your sister is on the mend
Val xx

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness how scary. At least you are safe. I do hope they catch the son of a gun.

What cards look beautiful. Pretty.. Pretty....


lisa said...

Hi Gay
I am so upset for you, what a horrible thing to happen. I know from bitter experience how violated you must feel and how unsettled in your own home.
Possessions can be replaced but it's the feelings that are left that are so horrible. I do hope you are now straight and starting to feel a bit better. Sending you a big hug.
Love both the cards, that goes without saying.
hugs Lisax

Aileen said...

Hi Gay. How awful. Very upsetting. Hope you are getting over it now and feeling a bit better. Love your cards especially the faded scallops, so pretty. x

Michelle said...

Lovin your cards Gay, pity the second card didn't quite fit the C&S challenge, it's stunning as all your work is! Awful to hear you've had such a bad experience, hope you don't feel too traumatised,. Thinking of you
X Michelle

Vicky Hayes said...

Oh Gay I'm sorry to be late commenting but I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear you'd been burgled. I truly cannot understand who could do that to another person it is such a horrible thing.

I love your cards - both are perfectly CAS I think! VERY clever to use the border punch as a mask! Vicky x

Hettie said...

Gorgeous card there Gay.
So sorry to hear about your unwelcome visitor/s! I know exactly what you are feeling right now. Did our whole house whilst we were at work, having watched the comings and goings over several weeks! They were there for hours.
Keep your chin up and don't let them get to you.
Sending hugs.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

First I have to say your cards are lovely.

As for the burglary, it must have been awful for you, I am so sorry, I know how you feel, we had our car broken into a few years ago when we were returning from a christening, all my mother's jewellery was taken and DH new leather coat, 3 packed suitcases, the suitcases were thrown from a car close to where they were taken, 2 days later, they had returned some items with them, in fact they seemed to be quite choosy in what they wanted!!!!!!!! but trying to claim for them was a nightmare!

Gery said...

OMG Gay, what a terrible story!!!
Had a lot of catching up to do on all blogs and only now I read this!!
How awfull to know that a stranger was in YOUR house and was touching and taking your stuff.
How are you doing now??
Take good care of yourself and accept all the help offered to you, because this is not just something you'll soon forget.
Hope the police will find your belongings one way or the other.
Don't give these people the power to take away your trust and believes.
Whishing you strenght and love.
Groetjes Gery