Saturday, 27 April 2013

Up and away.......

Hi there folks, Welcome, I have a card for The Craft Barn today. Take flight is our theme and I chose a balloon,

 My tags are recycled clothes tags, too good to throw out :D, Thank you for visiting, hugs Gay x

I used;
Oxford impressions London Telegraph stamps,
Fresco Chalk paints
Americana paints
Distress ink 
                                And over at the Craft Barn it's a Spend to Save weekend
   Every order with a value of £25 or more placed between 6pm on 25th April and 6pm on 28th April will receive a voucher in their parcel worth £5 off their next shop with us. Vouchers are valid for one month.

 It's been a while since I blogged, I haven't been doing much commenting either, sorry folks. Real life gets in my head and takes over. I find it gets a little overwhelming sitting at the computer for hours, I'm sure you all have the same problem. 
I always had a rule to get back and visit everyone who was kind enough to visit and leave me a comment but  it seems I spend more time on the computer than making my craft and that makes me sad. 
If anyone has a magic formula I would love to hear it. I really love hearing from everyone it makes sharing so much more rewarding, I am fed up with the guilt though! So this leaves me with a dilemma, I love visiting my lovely crafty friends and commenting when I can but how do I decide who I reply to?
This is why I haven't replied to anyone and this is my guilt! Every comment is a lovely crafter who has taken time out of their busy lives to kindly leave a comment about my paltry attempts at a little bit of art. Each comment gives a lovely lift so I know how important it is to reply. HELP, how do you choose who to reply to but keep blogging manageable? 
Thank you so much for visiting, hugs Gay xx

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Sarn said...

Hi Gay . . . oh dear, you sound in the doldrums honey. Well, I understand your dilemma (I expect EVERY blogger does). The way I dealt with it was to cut down on my blog posts from every day to 3 time a week. No blog post = no comments! This made things more manageable for me.

I also stopped entering ULTRA POPULAR challenges like LIM and WOYWW - as the volume of commenting was just too much. Victim of their own success. I still occasionally join in with WOYWW though.

Right . . . onto your card . . . your talent is still shining through with this terrific inky balloon aperture card. It's fab.

Chin up mate.

Sarn xxx

Evil Edna said...

Hi, Firstly I am sending you a hug and a purr as this makes me feel better (I will not offer to jump on you stomache when you have a full bladder as my cat does, as this could lead to serious consquences)what I do is go with what you feel like rather than obilgate your self to everyone, you will get round to all commenters at some point. But chill, there are way more important things and you will take the fun out of it if you HAVE to. Love EE

Crafty Lark said...

Love this card and clever tags, do not get stressed about commenting, it is more important to get relaxation from both your makings and also just wandering to see what peeps do. Sending relaxing hugs. xx Flora

Stamps and Paper said...

Just love your card Gay and what a great idea to recycle clothes tags...
I agree with you about blogging, I very rarely enter challenges...but like Sandra says I think the answer is to cut down on your blog posts..I certainly wont be doing as much in the summer as other things take priority and I like spending time with my grand children...


Carol Q said...

gorgeous card Gay and a fascinating layout. I hear you with the blog posting. blog posting is a difficult thing. I tend to have a handful who I try to regularly comment on and the rest when I feel like it. Some DT members post every day and life is too busy to comment every time. It's very easy to sit in front on the computer for hours and avoid actually crafting. I think we should throw the darn things away sometimes! lol It's much easier to look than actually create.

Mrs.B said...

Hi Gay, Fabulous card and tag, and a great image.
Know what you mean about commenting, commenting does take up a lot of time. A friend who is also a blogger, told me 'I am a crafter who blogs - not a blogger who crafts'
So don't feel guilty!
Avril xx

Canonbury creations said...

Hi Gay, life's too short to feel guilty about leaving comments on other blogs! Enjoy the fact that others are getting pleasure from looking at your cards:) Great stamp and love those tags:)
Val x

Suze Bain said...

Hi gay, lovely to see you around. I know exactly where you're coming from. I have cut way back on blogging these last few months. From my own experience I can only say the only way to get your head around it is "to not feel guilty!" I follow a lot of blogs and although I might skim a look at a lot of them I just do not have the time to comment on them all, so with the exception of a few blogs, I would only now leave an occasional comment. Of course it's only good manners to pay a visit to those who have visited you! (Although I have to say, not everyone has such good manners!). Please don't give up on the blogging - just don't get bogged under by the 'guilt' ! We all understand that real life,family commitments and our own well being have to come first! Oh my, better get off my soapbox now! Lol. Take good care - see you around! Xx

Karin said...

wow stunning card, love what you did with the clothes tags! Have a great weekend!

lisa said...

Hi Gay.
It's lovely to see you as always with your beautiful creations.
I know exactly where you are coming from and I think the key is not to feel guilty. I have cut back on my blogging lately, having found the same as you, too much blogging and not enough crafting. I tend to just do a round of commenting every week with those bloggers who are special friends. I think everyone appreciates how much time it takes up.
Hope you are feeling brighter soon.
Sending a special hug.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gay, I know just what you mean about commenting and I remember writing something similar a while ago. I certainly don't mind if people don't comment as I know how busy we all are. I'd like to think people understand when I don't visit or leave comments. Blogging is meant to be a hobby not stressful, so please don't stress! xxx

Your card is, as usual, first class and I love your recycled tags - fab!!

Gery said...

Don't feel so quilty, because every blogger knows what you mean.
I have to disappoint you, the perfect formula doesn't exist.
What I do nowadays?
First I stopped blogging and responding, but I missed it!
I started again and now I let my mood decide on which work I would like to respond on that special day.
This give me also the time to create new things.
I even have days now that I don't respond on anything at all!!!!
It brings peace in my mind.
I was amazed, but nobody lost interest on my blog :-))
Groetjes Gery

Gery said...

Oeps, quite forgot to tell you, that I love your card and tags.
Groetjes Gery

Netty said...

Love your card and tags Gay.......we have lives to live and just cannot do everything, so please don't feel guilty. Blogging should not be full of stress, if it is just take a proper break. This is what I do from time to time and it really helps. Hugs Annette x

Viv said...

Hi Gay my lovely :), it was so great to share a Craft Barn post with you my friend.Fabulous card as always, and very inventive too. I think we all can understand about the commenting guilt. I try and do it at the end of the week and just visit those who have commented on my cards. Next I comment on LIM ones I like best then look at my blog list for any that catch my eye...if I have time. No easy answer, but crafting should come first otherwise what is the point! So craft, comment when you can and try and relax and don't feel is too short :) hugs Viv xx


A wonderful card Gay - love the images. You always come up with something unique, you clever lady!
Will be in touch - hugs, Sylvia xxx

Hettie said...

Gorgeous card there Gay. Love the peep through idea to wonderful colour and image.
I am with you and Sandra. Working full time and creating and commenting is a juggling act, but I have cut back a little on posts and only do WOYWW twice a month. I also (usually) dedicate one evening a week to return to blogs who have visited me.
Don't feel guilty though.

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Really an awesome masterpiece.

Aileen said...

Hi Gay, Love your card and tags. The colours are so pretty and dreamy.

As for blogging, it does take up so much time. I return the compliment on those who have taken the time to visit me because it always makes me happy to see someone has popped in past. I also pop into blogs that I follow. But at times it can easily get away from me.

I'd say don't feel guilty just do what you feel happy with.

Hugs x

Jenny said...

Aren't clothing tags getting more arty farty nowadays!! great idea to use them on cards. very eye-catching :0)
Commenting comes from blogging and blogging is secondary to crafting so making has to be a priority or the others would be pointless.... says the woman who is obsessed with her iPad!! Lol
Jenny x

Patricia said...

Here is a wee (HUG)you sound a little down. Things have not been easy, but it will get better.
Life is too short to worry about comments on peoples Blogs. I do know exactly how you feel though. I was out working last week and boy does it make you realise just how much time you do "waste" in front of the computer.
I usually Blog every day but I feel that will have to come to an end now I have discovered the amount of time I am spending on the computer.

By the way I just love the wonderful simplicity of your fantastic card.

Patricia xxx

Unknown said...

I have felt the same way from time to time.. I do take breaks from sometimes. But if it stresses you out that takes all the fun out of it. I say just do what you want to do. I blog a lot because I cant sleep in the middle of the night and it gives me something to do. That could all change someday.. I do love looking at your cards. You are so sweet and talented. Dont worry be happy!

MaryH said...

Gay, what a terrif idea to recycle the clothing tags into these lovely pieces. Really enjoyed your card. I have to agree with Sandra (Stamping for Pleasure). I've been feeling the same way you described! Had pc woes, then had other things consuming my time. I try to immediately pop over to visit commenters if I can double click when their comment comes into my email. Then when I get a few spare moments & feel like 'visitin', I try to check on my followers. And I don't get around to as many as I would like. I just hope they will understand, and come visit when they can, as I shall too. This is a hobby & not our "lives". Other things must take priority. I look at a lot of blogs, but I don't always have time to comment. And I try to be specific about a card, not just leave a 'generic' comment. That takes more time! So visit when you like, comment when you can, and have fun. Enjoy life. Too many things to not do that, and remember YOLO. Hugs & TFS ....

Darnell said...

FANTASTIC creations, Gay. Those tags are delectable!!

Re the commenting, I think some folks have more guilt about it than others, something we just feel, you know. It's not that easy to just not feel guilty - it's just the way it is, inside.

For me, the comments are as rewarding as the act of creating the card. For me, I would feel (and do feel guilty) if I don't return the compliment, because I don't think of them as "comments," I think of them as "compliments." I wouldn't feel right not returning a compliment.

My comments come in through my gmail so it is very easy to keep track of who I have returned the visit. Once I have, I move their comment to my stamping folder. That sort of organization helps me not feel overwhelmed by the volume of comments. Unless I get up over 130 and that happens, eek!

I look at it this way, too. How do I feel when I have (in some cases, repeatedly) visited a blog, truly loved the blog and the work, left loving comments and then never, ever, never gotten a response from that person? It sucks. Because I think comments are compliments, it's rude to me. Luckily I can only think of two people like this out of the hundreds I have gotten to know. But pretty soon I stoppe visiting them, because - again, for me - it is all one big package:

You make your card, you show it off in your blog, you get validation by people's comments (compliments), you comment back as a "thank you" to them for their validation of you. One package, start to finish.

And then you do it all again another day. I agree with lots of your other readers who say the best way to handle it if you have that "feeling" or "desire" to return a comment but it is getting overwhelming - just cut back on your posts. Every other day, once a week, whatever.

You will find a rhythm that works for you where you get the JOY out of creating and the JOY out of blogging AND the JOY out of commenting.

I hope that makes sense. All I know is you've been through a lot. I like your creations. I like your blog. I like commenting on your blog. I like getting comments from you because then I know you were by to see me. Which I like a lot. So please don't stop blogging. I've been checking back since the burglary to follow up and I was happy to see you came back.

I apologize for the strained neck and double-vision you now have. That was not my intent.

Take care! Mwah! Darnell

Gibmiss said...

Hi Gay
How are you.... I know what you mean about blogging ... I am on this Ipad to much... And it is so easy to use ... I am on it far to much... Should be making more cards....
You card is fabulous as always.....
Take Care
Lots of Love
sylvie xxx

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Gay, Í hope that you are doing well. Your card & tags are fabulous, I love the colour combination and as always enjoy your stamping style. You have a great talent. It is important that you take time for creating vs blogging and enjoy both in the balanced manner that works for YOU.

I also struggle with keeping up with my wonderful followers & people that leave compliments/comments. But if I don't have time, I don't get to it.

I agree that you should do what you want to do, not what you feel obligated to do. Enjoy your creativity & blogging when you have time or energy and the rest of the time relax & enjoy whatever you are doing in life !

With that, I thank you for your kind words at my blog. I enjoy it when I see comments from followers, but I don't have any 'rules' about how often I think someone should comment or visit. We all need time for creating & other activities in life. I enjoy gaining inspiration from others blogs when I have time.

Thanks for your post, take care of yourself, Shirleyxx

Darnell said...

P.S. I came back to read what I wrote, having slept on it. I am sometimes too bluntly honest and am always afraid I come off sounding "preachy," which I hate. I just want to make sure it was clear that what I do is just what works for ME, since you specifically asked "how do YOU ..." and so that's all I was doing, letting you know "how I do." I am in no way suggesting that other people should feel the same way or act the same way. (That would be so boring!) Yes, I guess it may sound like what I do are my "rules" if there needs to be a label on it. I prefer to think of it as my "process," the way that brings me happiness and no guilt. It is by now means the same way other people process this hobby. It goes without saying that both blogging and visits/comments happen in balance with my real life family doings and interests. It's not ever good to be obsessed about anything and the primary goal is that it be "fun," and not, "work!" Life is too short!!

Oy. I'll shut up then.

Unknown said...

i like your arcitels

Susan Raihala said...

Gay, there is no perfect formula! I've had to seriously cut back on my commenting and reading of blogs for the simple reason that I'm spending so much time writing and blogging...and volunteering and taking care of my family and serving at church and doing other hobbies (reading!), and staying in touch with people I know in real life. It's tough to find balance with the online existence.

I hate that I don't comment on other's blogs nearly as often as I want (like Darnell's...she was so good about commenting for a while on my blog but has been absent for a while, LOL!). I read on Julie Ebersole's blog once that she decided to do what she can for commenting but to not feel guilty otherwise. I adopted that attitude out of self-defense. I don't even have time to surf Splitcoast now. I miss that, too.

We're all just trying to figure out these screens and how to integrate them into our lives without letting them take over. It's tough, and I think we need to exercise forgiveness and grace where we can, and not stress. This is all SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!


Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Hi Gay, poor you - a guilt trip? nah! don't let it be.

We CANNOT answer everyone who comments. I suppose I am "luckier" than most as I don't have that many comments to reply to, but, I do visit and sometimes don't leave comments myself with so much time being taken over with it, I have spent HOURS trying to catch up and one day decided nope! enough is enough, usually I do a few words or even one if it's a great card. I do get about 200 visits a day though majority with no comments, so some people like my cards and stuff LOL.

I love your projects, just keep posting so at least we can see what you have done forget about the comments.

LOVE this project, you amaze me with your work, so keep at it Pleeeeeeezz

craftimamma said...

I'm sorry to read of the heart searching you have gone through over blogging v commenting Gay and fully appreciate why. Like you I always try to return the compliment of a comment and not because I have to but because I want to. However, life has certainly got in the way for me over the past year with lots of time and mental energy consuming family issues with no sign of the tunnel end yet. I don't get to comment half as much as I would like even though I do try to keep up with visiting my long list of favourites and I leave comments as and when I have time. I am sure that most of the people I visit are in the same boat and, like me, are happy to receive a comment now and again than not at all. For instance your lovely comment (Eeeek! it's 1.00 am) yesterday really lifted my day and reminded me I'd not dropped in to see you for a while. I didn't think for one minute 'Huh! She's not commented/visited for ages' but instead 'Ooh lovely, Gay dropped by! Must go see what lovely things she's been up to.' The thought that you might stop blogging would be so sad as you would be depriving us of such beautiful creations.

Don't feel guilty Gay! You are too nice to have reason for guilt.

Big Hugs
Lesley Xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Gay I know exactly how you feel, there just isn't enough time in the day and I feel exactly the same totally agree about the guilt I for one have cut down on my posting and DT commitments as I was spending more time commenting than I was creating. I do hope you find the solution and the perfect balance for you.

Take care.