Sunday, 5 May 2013

The best kind of friend!!

Hello there my lovely crafty friends, Today I have a card, mainly for you my lovely supportive and understanding friends. I would love to thank you all for your kind comments on my last posts.

 So many wonderful insights and what a relief. I gathered from your comments, that many of you feel the same as I do from time to time. You all seem to have slightly different ways of relieving the pressure. Sandra's idea was to cut down on posting, yup! that's a good one and many of you agreed with her as do I! Suze was correct, I think, in saying that it's only polite to return the compliment of a comment, I agree wholeheartedly. Hence my dilemma!!
Darnell wrote with such passion, what a sweetie!! :D You all made me feel so much better.
So I think I will cut back and post less frequently. The only trouble with that is I love making my cards and each post will probably be so picture heavy it'll take an age just to get through LOL but it's not going to stop me blogging, just yet.
 I also have to thank you all for your sympathy after our burglary, it affected me much more than I'd expected but that gets better everyday, after all it was only things that went missing, I still have the memories. The house is like Fort Knox now. Goodness knows how I'm going to get the hang of the alarm, I've only had to put it on once so far and it went off when I tried to get back in the house, I'm useless LOL !! My ears rang for hours afterwards LOL

 This little card is another version that I'm sharing for OLW where the challenge is to make a one layer card for spring.

 Thank you again for visiting and sharing your thoughts, hugs to all, Gay xx
I used
Crafters Wopkshop masks, Mini Entrelac and Mini Cornflowers,
Stamps are CAS-UAL Fridays, Only You.

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Stamps and Paper said...

Two gorgeous cards Gay and love that stamp and sentiment.
It is a dilemma for you re your bloging and post but you have to do what you are happy made me laugh about your arlam...I've done it many times and we have had one for over 25 years..lOl..lOl
Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous sunshine...


Doreen said...

Beautiful the image and fab

Netty said...

I didn't realise you had been burgled Gay, how awful, no wonder you have been upset. Fort Knox sounds like a good place to be.

Loving both of your beautiful LIM cards. Hugs Annette xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo Gay ah smiled at the last few posts am on here when should not and commenting when should not but hey it is all good!!

Mm can relate the burglary, as said before took me ages to get over it - the alarm you will get the hang of it ! I suggest a pair of foam ear plugs in your bag to use as you're about to enter the house.. I have pair in my kitchen for my smoke alarm as it very sentive and believe me it helps :D

but as said once you get the routine of running and putting code in if that is how it works you will be find.
Re commenting - yes post less Sarn is right...
Because of unpredictable health and situations I have learned to not worry when not well or no time to comment. I put on posts apologies but dont worry.

This is GUILT FREE blogging - maybe try one a week to spend so time going to important folk who need cheering up!
.. the rest will manage just fine!
Superb cad love the layout and the ones below too!!

.. up and away with your worries that was one of the posts down below, so borrowing it! :D
God bless, Shaz in Oz.

Suzi B said...

Oh gosh Gay, sorry to read about your burglary and your blogging dilema. I can't offer any words of wisdome cos I'm the worst at commenting. I do alot of visiting but not alot of commenting. Terrible I know. On one of my recent post I had 5 comments but 189 visits...
perhaps Blogger could provide a way Of identifying visitors... mind you not sure that would help :)

I can empathise how you're feeling after the burglary.. it happenend to me, but I saw him as he crawled along my landing staring at me as I lay on the bed, thinking to my self, "I don't like this colour" I'd just finished decorating my spare room.
Take care, time does help.
Suzi B xx

Suze Bain said...

Lordy Gay, I didn't know you'd been burgled. I just looked back and it obviously happened on a week where life took over and I didn't have time for blogging! How frightening that must've been. On a more cheerful note, I love how you've done these flowers. Beautiful cards. Xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Hi Gay . . . . wishing you a happy Bank Holiday weekend mate.

Hope things are improving for you.

LOVE this CAS and very pretty card. So elegant.

Sarn xxx

lisa said...

Two beautiful cards as always, Gay.
You will find a way of blogging to suit I'm sure. Just make sure it fits in with you and your lifestyle and above all don't feel guilty.
I'm glad you are beginning to get over the burglary. It does take a long time I know but knowing that you have done everything and more to stop them again helps. We are like fortknox too and have been since ours 15 years ago. I still worry about leaving the house for holidays and such but you can only do what you can. We also keep the doors locked during the day when we are in, much to friends amusement as they are always locked in when they come to leave!!It will get better with time I promise!!
Hope you are enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend.
Hugs Lisax

Valerie said...

Hi Gay, love how you have combined the masks to make those gorgeous flowers, simply CAS! I had a little giggle at the panic you must have shown when the alarm went off, sorry:) I think a long card filled post would be fab, I coyld settle down with a cuppa and wade through your inspiration!
Val x

Darnell J Knauss said...

So glad you feel better, Gay, and you have decided you will try it with fewer, longer, posts!! Hey, I'll be the last one to complain about long posts with lots of photos, ha ha!! We don't mind! Whatever floats your boat!

Stunning OLCs, Gay! That flower and those sentiments are PERFECTION for that type of card. (Where's my wish list?!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gay,

Glad you're feeling a bit better about everything.

Both cards are so pretty and elegant. I love the image and the positioning of the sentiments.

Linda R said...

Hello my friend. So glad you feel better about blogging. finding time is always a tricky game we play.

Both your cards look wonderful..


Christine B. said...

Hi Gay , sorry to hear that you have been burgled. I do hope your beginning to feel a bit better. You'll soon get the hang of the alarm. Your card is beautiful. Take care, sending lots of healing hugs. love x ChrisB

Susan Raihala said...

So sorry about the burglary! How horrible! I so hope you start to settle into the new alarm and feel safer soon.

Your card is lovely, lovely, lovely! So spring-like and with just the right amount of fun in the stripes and angles! Perfect!

Karin said...

glad to hear you are feeling better! Gorgeous cards you made!
groetjes Karin

Jenni's Jems said...

Loving the card and a thoughtful thing to do! and I'm lucky or is it unlucky ?? cos at the moment unlike you I have a small amount of followers so I can usual find time to post a comment now and again and I try to visit everyone who leaves a comment that is not familiar to me.But I think the majority are in the same boat but in my case an occasional visit to me will be fine Gay hee he x

Faith A said...

Love the CAS effect, beautiful cards.


Two beautiful CAS cards Gay (as always)!

I'm pleased that your earlier post resulted in some helpful comments - aren't bloggers simply the best.

Have a very happy week - Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Hettie said...

Gorgeous cards there Gay. Very pretty.
Things will ease and Shaz's idea for ear plugs is a good I might head as I cannot always get the remote to work, though as our mobiles are rung when the alarm goes off, it is a great way of Hubby knowing I am home when he is at work! LOL! Mind you I am not sure the neighbours feel the same way!

Kate said...

Lovely cards - great combination of masks !

debby4000 said...

Love your card what great colour choices.
I had missed the last post and totally understand you dilemma about commenting but I be honest, I rather check out your card or creation then worry whether or not you commented me back.

creativchen said...

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